Your Captain earns 2x points for its performance in the real-time game.


1.5x points are awarded to your vice captain for its on-field performance.

Starter & Sub (Every Set)

Type of pointsPoints
For winning each set, starter of that particular set will get+2
For losing each set, starter of that particular set will get-1


Type of pointsPoints
Successful Attack/ Kill+3


Type of pointsPoints
Libero's Per Dig+1


Type of pointsPoints
Successful Block+2


Type of pointsPoints
Successful Serve+2


Type of pointsPoints
For 5 successful attack+10
For 10 successful attack+20
For 15 successful attack+30
For 20 successful attack+40
For 5 successful block+10
For 10 successful block+20
For 15 successful block+30
For 20 successful block+40


Type of pointsPoints

* +3 points will be awarded for 'ace' and there will be no points allotted for 'successful serve' in Men & Women’s Turkish Volleyball League and Poland Volleyball League

No negative points will be given for unsuccessful spike, unsuccessful service and technical errors while +3 points will be given for successful serve in Olympic 2020

  • The player you select as the Captain of your fantasy team will be given 2x points of the original total it scores.

  • The players chosen as the Vice-captain of your fantasy team will be awarded points as 1.5x of the original total it acquires.

  • The players are awarded starting points on the basis of the announcements made regarding their inclusion in the playing team for the game. In a scenario wherein a player, after being included in the team sheet for the match is unable to start the match, the player will not be awarded any points. However, the points shall be awarded to any player who acts as a replacement of such players who were included in the team sheet, but were unable to start the match and participate in the game.

  • Any substitute entering the field will be given points only for the first time it makes an appearance on the field.

  • The points for winning a set of the game will be awarded to the players announced as a part of the starting VI.

  • The points for losing a set of the game will be awarded to the players announced as a part of the starting VI.

  • Errors include unsuccessful services, unsuccessful spikes and technical errors. The final fantasy points of a player for Errors will be counted as an accumulative of these 3 values.

  • In an event wherein a player manages to successfully land the ball in the opponents’ court, the act is known as a successful attack. All the hits (excluding the service and blocking) by the players of a team are known as attacks.

  • In an event wherein the players of a team try to deflect the ball hit by opponent team’s players as a part of a successful attack, is known as Successful Block. This is done to prevent the opponents from scoring a successful attack.

  • An unsuccessful service can be defined as a scenario wherein the players of the team fail to serve a ball properly. The failure can be a result of foot faults or illegal contact, the ball being stuck in the net, or hitting any object out of play.

  • The points of players in fantasy volleyball on MyTeam11 will be updated in a time span of 5-10 minutes.

  • MyTeam11 uses trusted third-party sources including the official websites to collect data for point calculation. Thus, the matches on MyTeam11 will be completed in accordance with the data retrieved from official websites.

  • The player points on MyTeam11 will be a final update once the match is defined as “Completed.” No changes will be made after the status is shown as “Completed.” However, the player points are subject to changes till the match status is shown as “In Progress.”

  • In case any on-field player is transferred amid the series or game or already scheduled update then such change shall not be reflected in the MyTeam11 roster immediately. The change might be reflected from the next scheduled update. The player will be available for selection on MyTeam11 amid the change made between the game or already scheduled update, but the player will not be awarded any points in MyTeam11.