Your Captain earns 2x points for its performance in the real-time game.


1.5x points are awarded to your vice captain for its on-field performance.


Type of pointsPoints
For Every Goal Scored (GK/Defender)+60
For Every Goal Scored (Midfielder)+50
For Every Goal Scored (Forward)+40
For every good pass+1
For every assist+24
Shots on Target+4
Circle Penetration+2
Penalty Corner Earned+4
Penalty Stroke Earned+12


Type of pointsPoints
Saves (GK)+8
Penalty Stroke Saved (GK)+40


Type of pointsPoints
Yellow Card-4
Red Card-8
Green Card-2
Penalty Stroke Missed-12
Goal Conceded (GK)-10
Goal Conceded (Defender)-5
Goal Conceded (Midfielder)-3

No points to be given for Goal Conceded in Commonwealth Men's & Women's.

  • Assists will be awarded to the player from the goal scoring team responsible for final pass before a goal is scored.

  • Goals conceded will be counted for all the players present at the time of goal on the field irrespective of the playing time of the players.

  • In case any player is given a green, yellow or red card, the player will be penalized for the goals scored by its team even after the player’s departure from the field.

  • Multiple cards can be given to a player and the player shall be penalized for all the cards received.

  • All the data is provided by Official Sources and thus, once a game is mentioned as completed and the winnings have been distributed, no further adjustments shall be made. However, the points are subject to change till the match is in the Live stage. Also, your ranks are subject to change while the match is in Live section.

  • No points will be awarded for any event occurring during Penalty shootouts.

  • Any player, who is not announced as a part of the playing team, and hasn’t joined the game as a substitute, shall not be penalized for any yellow, green or red card received by the player for any off-field activities.

  • Any transfer/reassigning of any player to a different team between two scheduled updates, for any reason whatsoever, shall not be reflected in the roster of the players until the next scheduled update. During the period between two scheduled updates, such player shall be available for selection in the team to which the player originally belongs, but no points shall be awarded to such player during the course of such contest.

  • Myteam11 uses information and stats provided by Official Sources for awarding points to users participating in the Fantasy Hockey game. The information on the official scorecard will override all conditions mentioned for assists, passes, etc. THE SCORECARD PROVIDED BY THE OFFICIAL SOURCES IS COUNTED AS THE FINAL POINT OF REFERENCE FOR AWARDING POINTS IN FANTASY HOCKEY.