Your Captain earns 2x points for its performance in the real-time game.


1.5x points are awarded to your vice captain for its on-field performance.


Type of pointsPoints
Being part of the Starting 74
Making a substitute appearance2
Each successful raid touch point4
Raid Bonus2
Each successful tackle5
Each unsuccessful raid-1
Super tackle4
Pushing all out (starting 7)3
Getting all out (starting 7)-2
Green Card-2
Yellow Card-4
Red Card-6
  • The player you select to be the captain of your team will be given 2x the points he scores.

  • The player selected as the vice-captain of your team will be given 1.5x the points he scores.

  • The players are awarded starting points on the basis of the announcements made regarding their inclusion in the playing team for the game. In a scenario wherein a player, after being included in the team sheet for the match is unable to start the match, the player will not be awarded any points. However, the points shall be awarded to any player who acts as a replacement of such players who were included in the team sheet, but were unable to start the match and participate in the game.

  • In case a substitute joins the game, then the points for the substitutes will only be awarded for the first time he enters the field.

  • In case of a super tackle, the points for the super tackle will be added to the points of a successful tackle and then given to the player, i.e., total points awarded are equal to 5 points for successful tackle + 4 points for a super tackle.

  • For every opponent, a raider gets out or puts out he will be awarded points for the raid touch.

  • The points for pushing all out will be assigned only to the players who were a part of the starting 7.

  • The points for Getting All out, will be awarded only to the players who were the part of the starting 7.

  • A player will continue to score negative (for Getting All out) and positive (for Pushing All out) points, in case he receives any card.

  • In case a player is given a Red Card due to any of its activities then the point deduction for a Red card will include the points deduction for the yellow card and green card. In the same way, the points deductions for a yellow card will include deductions for green card.

  • Any event during extra time will be considered for awarding points.

  • Any event during Golden Raids will not be considered for awarding points.

  • We use credible data collection sources for the tabulation of points on our platform, and once any match is declared as completed on our platform, i.e., the winners have been declared, no further adjustments or amendments will be made. However, the points might keep on changing amid the live game and till the game status is shown as under review.

  • In case any on-field player is transferred amid the series or game or already scheduled update then such change shall not be reflected in the MyTeam11 roster immediately. The change might be reflected from the next scheduled update. The player will be available for selection on MyTeam11 amid the change made between the game or already scheduled update, but the player will not be awarded any points in MyTeam11.