Your Captain earns 2x points for its performance in the real-time game.


1.5x points are awarded to your vice captain for its on-field performance.


Type of pointsOldNew
Played 55 minutes or more+4NA
Playing 11NA+4
Played less than 55 minutes+2NA


Type of pointsOldNew
For every goal scored GK/Defender+20+60
For every goal scored Midfielder+20+50
For every goal scored Forward+20+40
For every assist+10+20
For every 20 passes completed+4NA
For every 10 passes completed+2NA
For every 5 passes completedNA+1
Chance CreatedNA+3
For every shot on target+2+6
  • The individual from the goal scoring team who makes the final pass prior a goal is scored, is awarded Assists for the pass.
  • An Assist is awarded in a situation when:
    • The pass done by the player was intentional, actually resulting in a goal.
    • The pass done was unintentional caused due to the dribbling of ball or touch by the player that led to the goal.
  • The player is not awarded any assist in a situation wherein:
    • A player from the opposite team intentionally or unintentionally touches the ball after the final pass which might change the defined direction of the ball before the final goal is scored.
    • After the assist makes the final pass and before the final goal is scored, two or more players intentionally or unintentionally touch the ball resulting in misleading the ball’s designated direction.
    • The individual finally scoring the goal loses the hold of the ball to any player of the opposing team and then regains the possession of the ball after sometime.
  • Points for assists will be awarded to the player:
    • For winning a Penalty
    • For winning a Free kick
    • For having his shot saved or blocked by a defender, goalkeeper or goalpost, if his teammate scores on the rebound
    • For a cross or pass that results in an own goal

All of the above must result in a successful goal for points to be awarded to the player providing the assist.

  • The goals conceded in a match will be counted only for the players playing on the field regardless of the total playing time of the players.

Chance Created: Chance created is a pass or a cross that becomes instrumental in scoring a goal or creating a goal-scoring opportunity.

Note: If a player gets points for an Assist, then the player will not be awarded points for a Chance Created. For example, if a player takes a shot at a goal and the goalkeeper saves it, the player will be awarded points for Shot on Target.


Type of pointsOldNew
Clean sheet Midfielder+5NA
Clean sheet GK/Defender+10+20
For every 2 shots saved GK+5NA
For every shots saved GKNA+6
Interception WonNA+4
For every penalty saved GK+10+50
For every successful tackles won+1+4
  • In case, prior conceding a goal, a player is substituted in the game, he will still be eligible for the clean sheet bonus, if he has completed at least 54 minutes on the field.

Interception Won: Interception Won means stealing the ball from the opposing team. A player can come in the way of a pass, dribble or take advantage of poor touch and retains the possession for his team.


Type of pointsOldNew
Yellow card-2-4
Red card-4-10
For every own goal-4-8
For every 2 goals conceded GK/Defender-2NA
For every goals conceded GK/DefenderNA-2
For every penalty missed-4-20
  • In case, any of the players are penalized with a red card for any misconduct on the field; he will be continued to be penalized for the goals conceded by his team even after he goes off the field.
  • Point deductions for a red card include any points deducted for yellow cards.
  • The players are awarded starting points on the basis of the announcements made regarding their inclusion in the playing team for the game. In a scenario wherein a player, after being included in the team sheet for the match is unable to start the match, the player will not be awarded any points. However, the points shall be awarded to any player who acts as a replacement of such players who were included in the team sheet, but were unable to start the match and participate in the game.
  • In case a player, who is not a part of the playing 11 or has not participated even as a substitute, is awarded any red card or yellow card for any off-field activity, he will not be awarded any negative points.
  • Any event during extra time will be considered for awarding points.
  • Any event during penalty shootouts will not be considered for awarding points.
  • In case of any transfer of an on-field player in the intervening period between scheduled updates, such transfer shall not be reflected in the roster of players until the next scheduled update. Please note that while the transferred player will be available for selection in the transfer or team's roster of players in a Contest during the intervening period, no points will be attributed to such transferred player in the course of such contest.
  • For the purpose of point calculation, we will consider any point onwards 54 Minutes and 1 Second as 55 Minutes.
  • Credible and reliable sources are used for the collection of data required for tabulation of points and once the contest has been marked as completed & the winners are declared, no further adjustments will be made in the total points. The points may fluctuate amid the match and are subject to change amid the game until the status is 'In progress' or 'Waiting for review'.