Your Captain earns 2x points for its performance in the real-time game.


1.5x points are awarded to your vice captain for its on-field performance.

Rugby League’s Points System

Play TimePlayed for 50 minutes or more4 Points
Played for less than 50 minutes2 Point
TryPlayer successfully scores a try10 Points
GoalSuccessful conversion or penalty attempt4 Points
Field GoalSuccessful attempt at drop goal8 Points
Try AssistAction that created a Try Scoring chance for a team mate8 Points
Line BreakBall carrier breaks the defensive line in open play. If no previous line break has been registered it can also be applied as a player crosses the try line, even if he is still in contact.6 Points
Line Break AssistAn action by attacking player that has led to or created the chance of a Line Break.4 Points
TacklePlayer successfully halts the progress of opposition in possession of the ball2 Points
Tackle BreakPlayer breaks free of defensive players who have initiated an attempted tackle5 Points
Missed TacklePlayer has missed or fallen off a tackle-4 Points
OffloadPlayer successfully passes whilst in contact with defensive players4 Points
ErrorAttributed to players when they make a mistake such as dropping or passing the ball forward resulting in a turnover or repeat set.-4 Points
40/20 or 20/40A kick from on or behind the 40m /20m line in the player’s half of the field that successfully goes out of the field of play on or inside the 20m /40m line of the opposition half6 Points
Total Metres gainedAll metres run by a players with the ball in handTotal meters run divided by every 10 meters completed
Kick MetresAll in-field metres travelled by the ball after kicked by a playerTotal Meters gained kicking divided by every 20 meters completed
Penalty concededAll infringements of the rules leading to the opposition receiving a penalty-4 Points
Sin-Bin/Send-OffAll infringements of the rules leading to the opposition receiving a penalty-8/-12 Point
Try SavesAction by defence that prevents a try being scored8 Points
Kicks DefusedSuccessful action preventing opposition scoring or regaining the ball.2 Points
Forced Drop-outsAction resulting in a player being ‘forced’ in goal resulting in a drop-out.4 Points
  • The Captain of selected fantasy team will be awarded points as 2x.

  • The Vice-captain of the chosen fantasy team will be given points as 1.5x

  • A maximum of 7 players can be chosen from one side to create fantasy team

  • In case a player from the playing line-up fails to take the field and is replaced by another player, then the points will be awarded to the replacing player on the basis of his/her performance.

  • In an event there is a time between two teams and the game moves to sudden-death-overtime then, any event occurring during extra-time shall be eligible for awarding points.

  • We use credible data collection sources for the tabulation of points on our platform, and once any match is declared as completed on our platform, i.e., the winners have been declared, no further adjustments or amendments will be made. However, the points might keep on changing amid the live game, and till the game, status is shown as under review.

  • The tabulation of points on MyTeam11 is done on the basis of the data received from official and credible third-party sources. Also, prior to the declaration of the points to the users, all the awarded scores, and ranks are cross-checked & verified with data from reliable resources.

  • In case any on-field player is transferred amid the middle of the series or game or already scheduled update then such change shall not be reflected in the MyTeam11 roster immediately. The change might be reflected from the next scheduled update. The player will be available for selection on MyTeam11 amid the change made between the game or already scheduled update, but the player will not be awarded any points in MyTeam11.

Rugby League’s Rules

Common Terminologies

Lineout: A combination in which both the teams lining in front of each and a team throws the ball down the middle of the tunnel.

Try: Try is counted when the ball is grounded over the try line of the opposing team.

Conversion: An extra opportunity given to a team after scoring a try, wherein they can score extra points by kicking the ball from a position related to where the try was scored.

Drop Goal: An event where points are scored by drop-kicking the ball in order to get it through between the posts and above the crossbar.

Penalty Goal: After any breach, the team awarded penalty is allowed to take a kick at the goal & score extra points.

Tackled: An act wherein the player is brought down legally & held by the players of the opponent team.

Scrum: The act of restarting a game of rugby with players packing closely together, heads down, trying to claim possession of the ball.

Rugby Game: Basics

  • The rugby pitch is a rectangular shaped ground with H-shaped posts at either end, situated on the goal or the try line.
  • A game of rugby is 80-minute long comprising of two 40-minute halves.
  • The sides are playing in a match change ends after the half-time.
  • A total of 13 players can participate in the Playing Line-up.
  • The primary aim of a game of rugby is to score points more than the score of the opponent.

Common Rugby Rules

  • While passing the ball has to be passed backwards.
  • A player on the field is allowed to do as many passes as they like until one of them is tackled in possession.
  • Each of the playing sides is allowed to have possession of the ball for 6 tackles. After the completion of 6th tackle, the ball should either be thrown long down the field to gain territory or should be handed over to the other team.
  • In case of being tackled, the ball carrier is supposed to carry the ball backwards by foot along the ground to a teammate behind
  • On being tackled, the player should be allowed by the opponent to play the ball.
  • In case the ball is knocked-on, fumbled forward, or a forward pass has been made, a scrum with six players, each side is used to re-start the game.
  • Players can be ruled offside if they are found to be
    • Interfering with the game
    • Have touched the ball being further up the teammate kicking the ball
  • Yellow or Red card can be issued to players in case of high tackles, hitting an opponent, tripping, kicking the ball while other player tries to pick it up, using foul or abusive language.
  • A yellow card shall result in a 10-minute spell to cool-off
  • The playing squad of players for a game are of 20-32, wherein there are 13 bingers in each team.

Player positioning in Rugby League

Player positioning in a game of rugby league can be defined as in the image below:

rugby position

Selection of players according to their role

Role/ positionSelecting Min & Max Player
Wingers/ Fullbacks (WFB)2-4
Centres (CTR)1-3
Halfback (HLF)1-3
Hooker (HOK)1
Front Row Forwards (FRF)2-3
Second Row Forwards (2RF)2-4

Tackle Movement

diagram rugby
Tackle Movment