Confused about scoring? Check out our Point System & clear all your doubts. POINTS SYSTEM

  • Select your Sport

    There are 10 major sports on MyTeam11 to enjoy. Choose Rugby as your preferred sport from the menu.

  • Pick a Match

    After choosing your favourite sport, it’s time to pick the gaming arena. Choose the match that excites you the most.

  • Create your Team

    Create your own Rugby team with MyTeam11. Choose 13 players within a defined budget of 100 virtual credit points.

  • Select your Leaders

    After creating your team of rugby players, choose the captain and vice-captain of your team to earn more points.

    The captain of the team will be given points as 2x while the vice-captain of the team will be given points as 1.5x.

  • Join a Contest

    After creating your team, join a contest and wait for your team to score points in accordance with the ‘Point System.’

You’ve Earned Winnings!

Now it’s time to claim your winnings. Once the match completes check your scorecard for your rank & WINNINGS!

Winnings in User Account!

Your winnings are credited soon after the completion of the match. Check & Enjoy!

  • Unutilized Amount

  • Your Winnings

  • Cash Bonus

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