Confused about scoring? Check out our Points System & clear all your doubts. HANDBALL POINTS SYSTEM


The How to Play page of MyTeam11 offers a brief about the playing pattern of the platform. To become a champion, mastering the skill is required. This page covers everything from creating a team to winning a contest. Learn more to become a champion.

  • Pick a Sport

    Choose Handball as your preferred sport from the given options.

  • Select a Tournament

    After picking your sport, select the tournament that you would like to join.

  • Create a Team

    Select 7 players from both the team within a defined budget of virtual credit points to create your fantasy handball team.

  • Select Captain & Vice-Captain

    After choosing your players for the team, select a Captain & Vice-Captain to earn additional points.

    The players chosen as your Captain & Vice-Captain are awarded points as 2x & 1.5x respectively.

  • Join a Contest

    After creating your team, pick a contest that you would like to join. Pay the entry fee amount & wait for the game to begin.

You’ve Earned Winnings!

Now it’s time to claim your winnings. Once the match completes check your scorecard for your rank & WINNINGS!

Winnings in User Account!

Your winnings are credited soon after the completion of the match. Check & Enjoy!

  • Unutilized Amount

  • Your Winnings

  • Cash Bonus