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Terms & offers

Terms & Conditions for Offers

The MyTeam11 platform, from time to time, for the interest and pleasure of its users, announces various “OFFERS” (further referred as Offers) on its platform with a limited validity period. The users availing the Offers announced on the MyTeam11 platform are required to abide by certain Terms & Conditions of the Offers. The Terms & Conditions for Offers announced on MyTeam11 platform comprises of:

  • The Offers provided on the MyTeam11 platform can only be availed by the registered users of MyTeam11. A person who is not registered with MyTeam11 platform is not authorized to take benefit of the Offers announced on MyTeam11.

  • The Offers announced on the MyTeam11 platform are only open to the people of India as of now. The people residing out of India are not eligible for availing the Offers provided on MyTeam11 platform.

  • The users should abide by the fair Play Terms of MyTeam11 while availing the Offers provided on MyTeam11 viz the users should not use any fake accounts in order to avail the benefits of the Offers provided on MyTeam11.

  • The Offers provided on MyTeam11 are all one-time offers and can only be availed once by a single user.

  • In case there are multiple Offers in a single offer, then a single user can avail all of the multiple offers provided in a single offer for once. For Instance, in a single cash bonus offer, there are multiple cash bonuses on adding different amounts, then the user is authorized to add all of the defined amounts and avail respective cash bonuses for once.

  • The Offers provided on MyTeam11 come with a limited validity period which can only be decided by MyTeam11 at its sole discretion.

  • The Offer should only be availed within the defined validity period in order to avail the benefits. In case a user, by mistake or due to personal negligence tries to avail the offer after it has expired then the user will not be entitled to any Offer benefits.

  • The users on the instance of receiving any CASH BONUS amount as a part of Offer benefit can use the CASH BONUS amount for joining various cash contests organized on the MyTeam11 platform. However, the users cannot use the CASH BONUS amount for (1) for withdrawals, and; (2) transferring to any other MyTeam11 account held by the user.

  • The users can use the CASH BONUS amount provided as a part of Offer benefits only to pay 5% of the entry fee of contests such as Hot contests, Contests for Champions & Head-To-Head(leagues up to 99 members) and 25% of the entry fee of Mega contests with 100 or more members.

  • The CASH BONUS offered under Offers of MyTeam11 is different from refer & signup bonus provided under the “Refer & Earn” scheme of MyTeam11.

  • The validity of Cash Bonus received under any offer shall be usable for 45 days including the day of receipt.

  • During any on-going offer period, Instant Withdrawal services shall be put on hold due to overloading of withdrawal requests.

MyTeam11 shall only be responsible for offers made available on MyTeam11 and shall not be held liable for any offers made available by any third party sources which may or may not be associated with MyTeam11.

Paytm Offer

Add ₹100 or more to your MyTeam11 account & avail ₹20 cashback on your first ever transaction via Paytm.

T&C for Offer

  • Offer is valid till 22nd March 2019.

  • Maximum cash back per transaction is Rs.20.

  • Minimum transaction required to avail the cashback is Rs.100.

  • Offer valid for first time Paytm users only.

  • Cashback will be canceled in case of full refund or cancellation of the order.

  • If you've used UPI, credit card, or debit card for adding money, you'll still be eligible to avail the offer if you add the money from your Paytm wallet.

Surprise Bonus

The latest update of the MyTeam11 app has launched a new feature called the “Surprise Bonus.” This Surprise Bonus is a part of bonus reward that can be availed by the users once every day. As a part of this latest feature the user will be shown a scratch card on opening the MyTeam11 app for the first time in a day, and scratching the bonus card will earn a daily bonus to the user, that can be used for playing on MyTeam11, till the user meets the below-mentioned conditions, associated with the feature.

T&C for “Surprise Bonus”

  • The “Surprise Bonus” will only be available to avail on opening MyTeam11 app for the first time in a day

  • The user will be eligible for earning a bonus on a daily basis

  • The bonus will be credited to a new section called “Surprise Bonus section” of user’s MyTeam11 wallet

  • The ₹2 bonus earned as additional on sharing the “Surprise Bonus” winnings among friends will be credited to the “Surprise Bonus” section only

  • The “Surprise Bonus” will not be considered a part of “Unutilized,” “Cash Bonus,” or “Winnings” section of user’s MyTeam11 wallet

  • The Surprise Bonus credited to user's wallet can be availed as 100% in leagues having 100 or more members

  • The bonus credited to the “Surprise Bonus” section of user’s MyTeam11 wallet will expire at midnight, if not used by the user

  • The “Surprise Bonus” is to be used by the winner only and is non-transferable

  • The “Surprise Bonus” cannot be withdrawn by the user

  • The "Surprise Bonus" feature is only available for the latest version of MyTeam11 App. Download the latest version of the application to avail benefit

Mobikwik offer

  • Get 50% SuperCash @ MyTeam11

  • Maximum SuperCash that can be availed is ₹50

  • Offer valid on 1st,3rd & 5th txn from 1st May'19 till 31st May'19

  • SuperCash will be directly credited to your MobiKwik wallet within 24 hours.

  • MobiKwik and MyTeam11 reserve the right to discontinue the offer without any prior notice