Refer & Earn T&C

The Refer & Earn program of MyTeam11 let the user earn Cash Bonus by inviting his/her friend to join MyTeam11. The referent can earn up to ₹125 Cash Bonus while the referrer can earn up to ₹1000 Cash Bonus in the wallet under this promotion scheme in compliance with various T&C which include:

How to get ₹1000 Cash Bonus?

PAN Card Verification of Referent

Task: When the Referent verifies his/her PAN details on MyTeam11

Your Cash Bonus: ₹50 Cash Bonus in the wallet

Add Cash

Get Paid Upto ₹1000 Cash Bonus, Every Time Your Friend Adds Money In The Wallet

Every time your friend adds ₹50 or more you will receive 5% of the amount as Cash Bonus in your wallet.

(Max. Cash Bonus for promotion to be earned = ₹1000 per referral)

You will not receive any Cash Bonus for any promotion scheme by your referred friend during any on-going offers on MyTeam11.


  • The users that: (i) have an account registered and a verified gaming account with MyTeam11; (ii) are eligible to participate in the pay-to-play MyTeam11 fantasy Sports game according to the Terms and Conditions defined by MyTeam11; and (iii) have downloaded and installed the Application on their respective mobile devices, are considered as eligible for participating in the Program. MyTeam11 neither encourages nor permits participation in the program through a proxy.

  • MyTeam11 does not permit any user to register or operate more than one gaming account with MyTeam11. The participation in the Program is voluntary, and no user is allowed to participate in the Program with more than one user account. 

  • The users while participating in the Program provide their consent to abide by these Terms and Conditions of MyTeam11.

  • The users in order to participate in the Refer & Earn Program need to download and install MyTeam11's mobile application on their mobile devices. The users post downloading and installing the mobile application on their mobile devices will be provided with a unique link or code, which the user can distribute among his/her friends inviting them to join MyTeam11 by creating and registering an account with MyTeam11, and downloading and installing the mobile application of MyTeam11 on their mobile devices. The referred friend (Referent) of the user (Referrer) already registered with MyTeam11, can use the received link or code by either: (i) Clicking on the link, following which the Referent would be landed on to the registration page of MyTeam11 wherein he can create and register an account with MyTeam11, and download and install the mobile application on his/her device; or (ii) the Referent can directly download and install the MyTeam11's mobile application on his/her device, create and register an account with MyTeam11, and enter the unique code shared by the Referrer.

  • The Cash Bonus provided to the Referent and the Referrer under the Refer & Earn program of MyTeam11 can only be earned by the user and its referred friend in an event they abide by other terms specified in these Terms, including: (i) The referred friend of the user should not be already registered with MyTeam11, (ii) both the user and its referred friend are eligible for participating in the pay-to-play Sports contest organised by MyTeam11 in alignment to the Terms and Conditions defined by MyTeam11, (iii) the referred friend of the user should successfully create, register and verify an account with MyTeam11 using the unique link or code provided by the Referrer; and (iv) the user and his/her referred friend should agree to the license agreement of MyTeam11's mobile app, and should download and install the MyTeam11's mobile application in accordance to their mobile device platforms. The already registered users of MyTeam11 as defined in these Terms and Conditions refers to an individual who presently operates or holds an account registered with MyTeam11 or a user who operated or had an account with MyTeam11 at some point of time. 

  • MyTeam11 neither permits nor encourages an already registered user of MyTeam11 to register a new account under a new name in order to be eligible for the promotion. MyTeam11 is authorised to take adequate actions if a user registering with the Platform is identified to be an existing user of MyTeam11. 

  • By accepting these terms and conditions, the users provide their consent to provide all the information required for the verification of a Referrer/Referent including personal information about the user (Referrer/Referent) and documents identifying the Referrer/Referent. Further, the Referrer provides his/her consent for receiving communication from MyTeam11 alongside permitting MyTeam11 to directly communicate with Referents referred by the already registered user of MyTeam11. Any sort of user information collected by MyTeam11 amid the course of user's use of the Website shall be subject to MyTeam11's Privacy Policy. 

  • Any user won't be allowed to make any withdrawals from his gaming account registered with MyTeam11 until the completion of the verification process of the Referrer/Referent. An already registered user with MyTeam11 or his/her referred friend is permitted to seek voluntary verification by clicking on the 'Verify' tab. However, the Referent can also verify his/her personal and contact information at the time of registration of an account with MyTeam11 through the MyTeam11's mobile application.

  • MyTeam11 is authorised to disqualify any Referrer/Referent at its sole and absolute discretion, in an event if MyTeam11 identifies any Referrer/Referent to be engaged in any illegal, inadequate or unlawful conduct. 

Refer & Earn Leaderboard Terms & Conditions

Users must abide by the following conditions to participate & win in Refer & Earn Program:

  • A referral will only be applicable for the leaderboard ranking when they refer a minimum of 20 referees/users on the application wherein at least 50% of their referees must have participated in a paid contest on MyTeam11 application.

  • A referral will only be applicable for leaderboard ranking when their respective referees participate in a paid contest above ₹25 entry fee on MyTeam11 application. Referees can use Cash Bonus to join the paid contest.

  • The leaderboard ranking will be based on the following fulfilments:

    Rank NumberMin. number of users/referee referred by youMin. number of users/referee that must participate in paid contest
  • The referee (user you are referring to) must be a new user on MyTeam11.

  • If any two or more referrers have referred the same number of users, then the referrer with the most number of users that have played paid contests will be considered higher in leaderboard ranking. For instance, user A and user B have referred 150 users on MyTeam11. If the number of referees/friends of user A who have played paid contests is 79 while the number of referees of user B who have played paid contests is 76, then user A will stand at a higher ranking than user B.

  • If referrers refer the same number of users on MyTeam11 with the same number of referees who have played paid contests, then the winnings of the same ranking and the rank below will be split in two between two referrers. For example, User A and User B both have referred 100 people and out of those 50 referees have played paid contests, then User A and User B will stand at ranks 3 & 4 where the prize amount (worth the prize at rank 3 & 4) will be distributed equally to both users.

  • The referee should be a user with a valid Indian mobile number only

  • If the referee uses someone else's referral code, the referrer (user who referred) whose referral code is used will get the benefits over you.

  • Please be advised that the Refer & Earn Leaderboard was only valid from January 1st, 2023 to January 31st, 2023. 

  • MyTeam11 reserves all rights to change the prize distribution or rewards structure conferred under Refer and Earn program at any point in time.

  • MyTeam11 may suspend or terminate the Refer and Earn program or any user’s ability to participate in the program at any time for any reason at their discretion.

  • MyTeam11 reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time without any prior notice. Modifications of these terms will be effective when they are updated in the Terms and Conditions section.

Note: In these terms and across all communications, references to CASH BONUS shall mean MyTeam11 Cash Bonus, which can be used and utilized on MyTeam11 platform only. The terms "CASH BONUS" and "MyTeam11 Cash Bonus" are interchangeable. Both the terms wherever used, would only mean to "MyTeam11 Cash Bonus".