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Refer & Earn T&C

Refer & Earn T&C

The Refer & Earn program of MyTeam11 lets the user earn cash bonus rewards by inviting his/her friend to join MyTeam11. The users referring their friend to join MyTeam11 are bound to abide by various T&C which include:

  • The individual you are referring to join MyTeam11 should not be an existing MyTeam11 user. The referent should be a new registration else no cash bonus shall be given in such case.

  • The referent will receive ₹100 as sign up whereas the referrer will be given ₹50 refer bonus under the “Refer & Earn” program of MyTeam11.

  • In order to receive ₹100 sign up bonus under the “Refer & Earn” program, it is mandatory for the referent to go through the verification process. The referent will be given ₹25 cash bonus right after registering& verifying his/her email address and mobile number with MyTeam11 and the rest ₹75 cash bonus will be awarded to the referent only after the successful verification of PAN card details of the referent.

  • The Referrer will be given ₹50 refer bonus under the “Refer & Earn” program after the referent successfully completes the verification process by verifying his/her email address, mobile number, and PAN card details. No cash bonus will be given to the referrer on registration of the referent.

  • In order to earn the “Refer & Earn Bonus,” it is mandatory that the referent uses the referral code provided by referrer, at the time of registration.

  • MyTeam11 at its sole & absolute discretion holds the right to cancel the referral amount for both referrer & referent or block both the referrer& referent in case of fake referral. The users by accepting the general Terms & Conditions and the Refer & Earn T&C of MyTeam11 provide their consent to such cancellations.

  • An individual registering on MyTeam11 for the first time will be eligible to earn ₹100 (₹25 on mobile & email verification & rest ₹75 on PAN card verification) sign-up bonus. The bonus earned by the user can be used for joining the league on MyTeam11 until it complies with the below T&Cs:

    • In the first game, the user plays after registering at MyTeam11; the user can pay 100% entry fee of the league having 100 or more members, using the sign-up bonus credited in its MyTeam11 wallet at the time of registration.

    • In the second game the user plays, after registering with MyTeam11, the user can use up to ₹25 Signup bonus to pay the entry fee of a league with 100 or more members & bearing entry fee ₹25 or more. The same applies to the refer bonus earned by the user under the “Refer and Earn” program of MyTeam11.

    • The policy is a one-match policy, i.e., no user can avail ₹25 cash bonus to pay the entry fee of two leagues in a single match. The cash bonus can be used to pay the entry fee of only one league per match. The league should have more than 100 members & entry fee as more than ₹25.

    • The sign-up bonus cannot be used with any other sort of cash bonus earned by the user under any “Promotional Schemes” or “Offers” from MyTeam11.

For further queries please reach out to us via Contact Us page.