Now you can create your fantasy cricket teams even after the match begins. MyTeam11 brings an extraordinary LIVE FANTASY feature. Whether you forgot to create your team before the start of the match or wish to be hooked throughout the match, MyTeam11 got you covered. LIVE Fantasy gives you a second chance to earn more while analysing the match yourself.

What is LIVE Fantasy?

LIVE Fantasy allows users on the application to create their teams during the match.

Live Fantasy benefits a user in the following ways:

  • With LIVE Fantasy, a user can analyse the performance of the players as the match proceeds and accordingly create teams.

  • This way, you Play More and Win More!

  • With Live fantasy, a user can choose the slots/overs as per their convenience along with fantasy team creation for the entire match.

  • With Live fantasy, users can also participate and create separate teams for 2nd Innings, once the first innings conclude.

Categories/Slots for LIVE Fantasy

T20 FormatODI FormatT10 Format
1st Innings1st Innings1st Innings
Slot 16-105.1-9.6Slot 111-2010.1-19.6Slot 16-105.1-9.6
Slot 211-1510.1-14.6Slot 221-3020.1-29.6
Slot 316-2015.1-19.6Slot 331-4030.1-39.6
Slot 441-5040.1-49.6
2st Innings2st Innings2st Innings
Slot 41-50.1-4.6Slot 511-2010.1-19.6Slot 21-50.1-4.6
Slot 56-105.1-9.6Slot 621-3020.1-29.6Slot 36-105.1-9.6
Slot 611-1510.1-14.6Slot 731-4030.1-39.6
Slot 716-2015.1-19.6Slot 841-5040.1-49.6
Slot 8: Entire Second InningsSlot 9: Entire Second InningsSlot 4: Entire Second Innings

Please note that not all matches will have all the slots available. To check the listing of all available slots in the match, you can check the availability of the same on MyTeam11 application, as you select the match.

The 2nd Innings contest will be activated after the full match category is closed. Users will be allowed to create teams and join contests for LIVE fantasy, once the full match category is closed.

LIVE Fantasy Terms & Conditions

  • A user is allowed to choose 7 players in LIVE FANTASY and 2nd Innings. Out of these seven players, a maximum of 6 players can be selected from one team. There is no restriction on mandatory selection of all-rounders, batters, bowlers or wicket keepers. A user will be allocated a total of 65 credit points to create a team.

  • Users will be asked to choose four players from their team who will fetch 4x,3x,2x and 1.5x points, respectively. Rest of the three players will fetch 1x points. Unlike normal fantasy where a user gets to choose Captain and Vice-Captain for 2x and 1.5x points respectively, it is little different in LIVE fantasy.

  • Please note that users have to create separate teams for each LIVE fantasy slot and 2nd Innings.

  • The stats (runs, wicket, strike rate, economy rate etc.) of the players will vary for each category. For example, a batsman who is batting from 1st over and plays till the 10th over and if a user plays LIVE fantasy in 5.1 to 9.6 over, the stats will be considered only for the chosen slot, which is 5.1-9.6 over.

  • MyTeam11 will declare the match complete in two conditions: Either 40% of the balls in the selected slot of LIVE fantasy must be bowled or the live match must be declared complete, even if 40% balls are not bowled.
    For instance, if the live match is completed or declared complete (by Officials) before 40% of the balls in your selected slot/innings are bowled, MyTeam11 will declare the slot /innings complete. Also, the result of the selected slot/innings will be declared on MyTeam11 application on the ongoing LIVE match if 40% of the balls are bowled or the live match is declared complete before 40% balls are bowled.

  • MyTeam11, at its discretion, can adjust the deadline of the selected slot/innings on the app by up to 6 balls before the beginning of the LIVE match.

  • A user can check the scorecard and ranking of LIVE FANTASY in the respective category tabs.

  • If a user chooses to make the fantasy team in the second innings, fantasy points will be offered only for the players’ performance in the 2nd innings.

  • Stats, leagues, contests for every category will be different and not be clubbed at any circumstance.

  • Fantasy points of first and second innings cannot be clubbed together.

  • Entry fees and league size for live fantasy will vary respectively.

  • The points system for each category remains unchanged.

  • Please note that MyTeam11 will not be liable for any fluctuations in the scorecard after the chosen slot of LIVE fantasy is completed. MyTeam11 will not be responsible for users’ ranking caused by fluctuations in the respective scorecards.