The users are allowed to withdraw winnings from “My Winnings” section of their MyTeam11 User Account, only after they successfully complete the verification process. The users can withdraw a minimum of ₹200 and a maximum of ₹1,00,000 in a day wherein the user can make a request of ₹50,000 at a time. Further, the withdrawal amount will be deposited to your bank accounts within a time period of 2-3 days.

The cash bonus is an amount provided to you by MyTeam11 under various schemes, additionally, it comes with an expiry date. Thus, you cannot withdraw the cash bonus amount available in your MyTeam11 User Account but you can use the bonus, provided as a part of offers or promotional schemes, to pay 5% of the contest entry amount to join contests such as Hot contests, Contests for Champions & Head-To-Head (leagues up to 99 members) and 25% of the contest entry amount for joining Mega contests with 100 or more members. However, the bonus provided as a part of Refer & Earn program can be used as:

  1. A user can use a maximum of ₹50 from the ₹100 signup bonus earned, to pay contest entry amount of the first ever contest he/she is joining after registering on the app. However, it is mandatory that the particular contest should have 1000 or more members.

  2. In the second game the user plays, after registering at MyTeam11, the user shall be allowed to use up to ₹25 Signup bonus to pay the contest entry amount of a league with 1000 or more members & bearing contest entry amount fee ₹25 or more. The same applies to the refer bonus earned by the user under the “Refer and Earn” program of MyTeam11.

  3. The policy is a one-match policy, i.e., no user can avail ₹25 signup bonus to pay the contest entry amount of two leagues in a single match. The cash bonus can be used to pay the contest entry amount of only one league per match. The league should have more than 1000 members & contest entry amount more than ₹25.

  4. The sign-up bonus cannot be used with any other sort of cash bonus earned by the user under any “Promotional Schemes” or “Offers” from MyTeam11.

Note: The bonus amount (if any) shall expire at the end of 14 days from the date of credit of the bonus amount (if any).

In order to successfully complete the withdrawal process, the user needs to provide certain information as a part of identity verification. The user needs to provide the following bank account details:

  1. Name of the bank

  2. Name of the branch

  3. Name of the account holder

  4. Account Number

  5. IFSC code