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The account verification process on the MyTeam11 app is very simple and a one-time process. To verify your account manually, click on your Avatar face available at the top left corner, select My Profile from the drop-down menu and then click on the “Verify” button. Verify your account by following the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Enter your mobile number and then enter the OTP received on the mobile number to verify your mobile number.
  2. Enter your email address and verify your email address by clicking the verification link sent by the MyTeam11 team.
  3. A user is required to verify their respective address as well. To do so, users will be asked to submit their respective Aadhaar Card or Driving Licence details on the MyTeam11 application. Users playing on MyTeam11 from the restricted/banned states will not be allowed to further use MyTeam11 services.
  4. The third step of the verification process at MyTeam11 is PAN card verification. To successfully verify your PAN card details, upload your PAN Card number, PAN Card image and other required details. After successfully uploading and entering the required details click on ‘Save PAN Card”.
  5. After successfully submitting your PAN card details, submit your bank account details for completing the verification process. PAN card and bank account details are verified on the very same day.

Note: The name on the PAN card and the image proof uploaded as required for Bank Account verification should match each other. In addition to this, only the original image of the PAN card is acceptable, we do not accept photocopies of the PAN Card for verification.

MyTeam11 is an online fantasy sports gaming platform that enables its users to earn winnings by using their skills and knowledge. To make withdrawals from your MyTeam11 account, it is mandatory to verify your PAN Card details with MyTeam11 as proof of identity. Also, as per government rules, TDS deduction is necessary as & when required at MyTeam11, therefore, we require a user’s PAN card.

In the event, the user does not have a PAN Card, he/she can still play on MyTeam11 and the winning amounts will be deposited in the “Your Winnings” section of the user’s MyTeam11 User Account. Further, the user can withdraw the amount by applying for a PAN card in the meantime and verifying his/her PAN card details on the MyTeam11 app

MyTeam11 application is a real gaming platform that offers fantasy gaming and Rummy to users in India. However, real gaming services are banned in certain states of the country. To verify and locate the residence of the user playing on MyTeam11, it is mandatory to verify their address proof. To do so, users are required to upload their Adhaar Card/ Driving Licence details on the MyTeam11 application. If a user resides in any of the banned states, he/she will not be permitted to use MyTeam11 services.

Your account verification with MyTeam11 can fail because of many reasons which might include the:

  1. You have not uploaded your PAN Card as an identity proof mandatorily required for verification.
  2. The PAN card number entered by you does not match the PAN card details submitted at the time of the verification request.
  3. The Date of Birth entered by you at the time of creating your MyTeam11 account does not match the Date of Birth mentioned on the PAN Card submitted by you.
  4. Your name on the PAN card and the bank account does not match.
  5. You reside in any of the banned states where real money gaming service is not permitted.
  6. The IFSC code you have provided is either incorrect or does not belong to the bank branch mentioned for verification.
  7. The visibility or clarity factor of the documents uploaded by you is very low.
  8. The bank account number on the bank account proof uploaded by you for verification purposes does not match the Bank account number entered by you in the verification request.

If your verification request gets rejected and your verification fails you will be informed about the reason leading to the verification failure which will be appearing on top of the verification page for your reference.