The users are awarded scores on the basis of the on-field performance of their selected players in the live match. Check out our ‘Fantasy Points System’ to know more about the points.

The points usually get updated in every few minutes, however, the final points, teams’ total and your rank are calculated and updated after the completion of the match. The declaration of winners and distribution of winnings is accomplished only after the point verification on the part of MyTeam11.

The points are awarded to the users on the basis of on-field performance of their selected players. Thus, the points are awarded only after the beginning of the live match.

The scores are calculated on the basis of information received from third-party sources. The third-party sources associated with MyTeam11 are completely reliable such as governing bodies, to correct and verify the score feed & ensure accurate tabulation of points. In addition, the scores are calculated on the basis of the live feed of the matches.

There are no points awarded for Man of the Match.

In an event wherein there’s a tie between two or more users the winnings are distributed between the users equally.

No, points are not awarded to the users for a super over in a match as the points scored or wickets taken by the players in a super over are not considered in their official records.

The users can cross-check their team’s points by clicking on the ‘Fantasy Scorecard’ link on the Live Score page. If you want to cross check your team’s points with the points system again, visit our ‘Fantasy Points System’ page.

In an event wherein any player is sent off the field in a match by the umpire, the player will still score and retain points on MyTeam11 according to the standard Points System of MyTeam11 for his performance and contribution on the field. Further, if the umpires allow the player to get back on the field in the same match, the player will once again be eligible to score points for the duration of his stay on the field.

No, your team is not awarded any points for a substitute player in case he replaces any player on-field as the substitute is not considered as a part of playing XI in cricket & football. However, in kabaddi, 2 points are awarded to the substitute player. In case of volleyball, substitutes are given 1 point for playing VI & rest points on the basis of their performance.

The captain and vice-captain you choose to lead your team are awarded 2x and 1.5x points of the original total they score. However, in case of the deductions, the points of your captain are deducted as normally only, i.e., as 2x only. The same is applicable in case of vice-captain.