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No, the ‘Rematch’ feature is only available in Head-to-Head contests.

Yes, you can have as many rematches as you want with the same opponent.

Yes, all the rules/processes will be the same once you’ve entered the rematch section.

You can have multiple rematches at the same time with the same opponent. You can enter the Head-to-Head contest and have a rematch with your opponent.

If a player challenges the opponent for a rematch, the amount for the contest will be deducted from their MyTeam11 wallet. If the opponent does not accept that challenge, the amount will be refunded automatically when the match goes live. Till then, the amount will be on hold.

Yes, you can play with the same opponent across all the sports on the app. However, the only prerequisite is that you can only play in Head-to-Head contests.

All the expired rematch challenges and requests can be viewed in the user profile.

A user cannot join the rematch once the deadline for the match is closed.