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You are allowed to choose seven players for the LIVE Fantasy team.

You have to choose seven players in the team, out of which a maximum of 6 players will be from one team and one player from the other.

You will be allocated a total of 65 credit points to create a team in Live fantasy.

You will be allowed to create teams and join contests for LIVE fantasy, once the full match category is closed. You have to create a LIVE Fantasy team and join the contest 3 balls before the chosen over.

Once the full match category is closed, 2nd Innings will be activated on the platform. You can create their respective teams once the first inning completes.

You will be asked to select four score-multiples players who will fetch 4x,3x,2x and 1.5x points respectively. Rest of the three players will fetch 1x points and will be assigned the points based on the performance.


The slots of different formats are as follows:

T20 FormatODI FormatT10 Format
1st Innings1st Innings1st Innings
Slot 16-105.1-9.6Slot 111-2010.1-19.6Slot 16-105.1-9.6
Slot 211-1510.1-14.6Slot 221-3020.1-29.6
Slot 316-2015.1-19.6Slot 331-4030.1-39.6
Slot 441-5040.1-49.6
2st Innings2st Innings2st Innings
Slot 41-50.1-4.6Slot 511-2010.1-19.6Slot 21-50.1-4.6
Slot 56-105.1-9.6Slot 621-3020.1-29.6Slot 36-105.1-9.6
Slot 611-1510.1-14.6Slot 731-4030.1-39.6
Slot 716-2015.1-19.6Slot 841-5040.1-49.6
Slot 8: Entire Second InningsSlot 9: Entire Second InningsSlot 4: Entire Second Innings

Please note that not all matches will have all the slots available. To check the listing of all available slots in the match, you can check the availability of the same on MyTeam11 application, as you select the match.

MyTeam11 will declare the match complete in two conditions: Either 40% of the balls in the selected slot of LIVE fantasy must be bowled or the live match must be declared complete, even if 40% balls are not bowled.
For instance, if the live match is completed or declared complete (by Officials) before 40% of the balls in your selected slot/innings are bowled, MyTeam11 will declare the slot /innings complete. Also, the result of the selected slot/innings will be declared on MyTeam11 application on the ongoing LIVE match if 40% of the balls are bowled or the live match is declared complete before 40% balls are bowled.

In the scorecard section, you can see the LIVE fantasy ranking in the respective tab of LIVE fantasy.

You can check your ranking in the 2nd innings tab of scorecard and ranking.

Once the LIVE fantasy slot or league is completed, your winnings will be displayed in the contest you participated in.

You can check the final ranking in My Contest Tab. In the My Contest tab, tap on the completed tab. Then select the match and contest you participated in. After selecting the contest, you can find the final ranking for the complete match, Live fantasy and 2nd innings.

Yes, you can. After selecting the match you want to participate in, you can find the option of creating a private contest for Live fantasy and 2nd innings. You can invite your friends and families to the private contest.