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  1. A single user cannot create multiple accounts on MyTeam11.

  2. Any user misuses his/her referral code by creating different fake accounts on MyTeam11 to earn Cash Bonus.

  3. A user is not allowed to submit fake or some else’s documents.

In case, a user is using a single device for creating multiple accounts on MyTeam11, it should be ensured by the user that all the mandatory verification formalities including mobile, email, PAN card & Bank Account details verification have been done by the user for all the accounts created. Abiding by the said process will help such users, who create multiple accounts on a single device, in terms of smooth withdrawals on MyTeam11.

In the event any user carries out activities that violate the Fair Play Policies of MyTeam11 for converting Cash Bonus/MyTeam11 Credits into winnings, MyTeam11 shall block the user from using the services & features provided by MyTeam11 alongside resetting the MyTeam11 User Account value to “0” by deducting all the amount present in their MyTeam11 Wallet.

Any suspected fraudulent or illegal activity to win the game may be referred to as appropriate termination activity by MyTeam11. These activities include the use of any third-party application or suspected hacking pursuit to manipulate the score or game on the MyTeam11 platform. These activities will lead to the immediate termination of your account, which will forbid you to stop playing games or using any other services provided by MyTeam11.

Any user who engages in, participates in, assists in or displays behaviour of intentionally losing at any game or match to withdraw winnings, will be interpreted as having unfair methods of participation. The user will be subject to immediate termination of MyTeam11 services on the platform.

Banking and PAN details provided by a user will be subject to examination. Please note that the user will be blocked from the application if the banking and PAN details do not match. MyTeam11 will send the notification to the user through the mail. A user will only be able to access MyTeam11 services once he/she sends valid PAN and Banking details. In addition, users on the MyTeam11 application will also be asked to share their Adhaar Card or Driving Licence details for address verification. In case, any user resides in any of the banned states, he/she will not be permitted to use MyTeam11 services.

Yes, MyTeam11 has the right to inspect any suspicious transaction. Users are allowed to make successful transactions using multiple methods like UPI, Net banking and NEO services. Please note that under the discretion of MyTeam11, any given user can be asked to verify the added amount on the platform availing of respective financial transactions. In case of any suspicious activity or unverified/ manipulated statements, MyTeam11 holds the authority to suspend your account immediately on the platform.