The users using the services and Fun Features provided by MyTeam11 can join various types of contests organized by such as 2-member, 3-member, 5-member and 10-member contests (depending on the number of competitors in a contest). Further, the users can join cash contest(s) to earn winnings or they can join the practice contests for free to enhance their playing skills.

The public contests organized by MyTeam11 are contests that are open to everyone. Any of the MyTeam11 users can join the public contest(s) organized by MyTeam11 and be eligible for winning the contest(s).

The private contests organized on MyTeam11 are contests which the user creates. In private contest a user can create his/her own contest with a pre-defined number of participants and a pre-defined winnings amount. The private contest can be shared by the user among his/her friends via a unique code. As the private contest are the contests created by the user, thus, it is not visible to all the users of MyTeam11 and is only accessible by the users who have the unique code for the contest.

The users can easily join any of the contests organized by MyTeam11 by just clicking on the ‘Join’ button below the specific contest, the user wishes to join.

The cash contest organized by MyTeam11 are contests wherein the users can participate by paying a pre-defined contest entry amount and can compete with other MyTeam11 users in order to earn winnings. However, the user whose team scores the highest aggregate of points will be declared as the winner of the contest.

The users can identify if a contest has a single winner or more than one winner by selecting the contest and clicking on the Winners option to view a detailed list of winners & the winnings for each rank.

The number of winners in the contest(s) organized by MyTeam11 varies from one contest to the other. The number of winners to be declared in a contest will be disclosed to the users as soon as the contest is made available to join.

The users can check the distribution of winnings in case of “Multiple Winners” by clicking on the pre-defined number of winners below each of the contests. In an event, the winning amount is more than ₹10,000, there will be tax deductions according to the government taxation policies. The tax deduction in case of winnings worth more than ₹10,000 is done in case of single winning of the user with a single team. In case the user wins more than ₹10,000 with multiple teams, then no deductions will be made.

In an event any match is completed through D/L or VJD method, the match is considered as completed on MyTeam11 and the points are awarded accordingly. In such cases, the ranks and points are awarded on the basis of live scores and no refund is made in such cases.

However, if a match is being completed through the D/L method and a team plays for 50 overs in the first innings, it is mandatory for the other team to play at least 20 overs in ODIs and 5 Overs in T20s for the second innings.

In an event wherein an ODI/T20 is called-off, the online fantasy cricket gaming contest(s) organized on MyTeam11 associated with the real match will be cancelled and the contest entry amount will be refunded to the users. This comprises of both the circumstances wherein the real match is abandoned either without a single ball being bowled, or the match is abandoned after it has begun.

In an event wherein the real test match is announced as drawn with neither of the teams completing a single inning, the fantasy match will be cancelled and the contest entry amount will be refunded to the users.

Further, in an event wherein the real match is declared as drawn with either of the teams completing an inning, the fantasy match will be considered to have completed and the contest entry fee will not be refunded.

MyTeam11 offers public leagues as confirmed as well as non-confirmed leagues on the platform. The confirmed leagues are the ones that are not cancelled even when they do not meet the pre-defined participant requirements, whereas non-confirmed leagues are cancelled due to unfilled spots.

However, with the new no league cancellation feature, any contest meeting below conditions will be considered confirmed and will not be cancelled:

  • Must have 10+ members
  • Must have 80% participation

In case of Private league contests, contests will now be functional even with 2 participants & the winnings will be automatically recalculated on the basis of number of participants that have joined.

The ranks keep fluctuating amid a contest because of the changes in the aggregate scores of the teams due to the on-field performance of your chosen players.

Yes, the users can join a contest in the middle of a series in an event that the series is not yet closed i.e. it has not reached its deadline. Also, the users joining a contest in the middle of the series have an equal opportunity of winning as everyone else.

The winner in a contest is decided on the basis of the aggregate a team scores. The user whose team scores the highest aggregate of scores on the basis of the on-field performance of their chosen players is announced as the winner of a contest.