Real-time Quiz Rules

  • The users will be given 8 seconds to answer each of the question shown in descending order.

  • The points will be awarded as the number of seconds remaining to answer each question.

  • In case both the users playing the quiz have same points, then, the prize money will be distributed. No user will be allowed to exit the real-time quiz manually, once the quiz has started.

  • No entry fee will be refunded in an event when user came out of the opponent selection window manually before 30 sec.

  • The only case a user shall not be allowed to participate in the quiz or sent back to the main screen is when there is no opponent available.

  • No entry fee refunds shall be made in case the user misses a question or is exited from the quiz due to low or no internet connection and/or getting a phone call during the game.

  • The contest joining entry fee amount shall be deducted right after the user is matched with an opponent. If the user tries to exit the quiz round manually during the 30-second opponent search time, any entry fee deducted shall not be refunded as the user will be considered as an active participant of the quiz no matter if he/she is on the screen or not.