Play Fantasy Basketball & Win Cash Daily

Play Fantasy Basketball & WIN Cash Daily

Basketball is one of the most popular ball games all around the world. International sports is blessed to have a game like basketball in their bag as it involves the highest level of skills, strategies, mindset and physical fitness to play. However, it is not yet very popular in India and we at MyTeam11, are trying our best to popularize the sport both in the actual and digital world.

What is Fantasy Basketball

It is also one of the most financially sound sports. Now you can also play and earn a lot by playing fantasy basketball. Yes! MyTeam11 now introduces the best fantasy basketball game in India. Just as any other fantasy sports, fantasy basketball at MyTeam11 also allows you to create your own team and play exciting contests on your favorite matches to collect great WINNINGS. It is that simple!

Play Fantasy Basketball

Why Play fantasy Basketball Game on MyTeam11?

MyTeam11 is a 100% Indian fantasy basketball app. We have brought an exciting blend of technology and innovation to create an unparalleled gaming experience. Our expertise spreads across a vast spectrum of excellent in-game experience to flawless 24x7 customer service.

We bring you 50+ fantasy basketball leagues a day with exclusive playing line-ups covering all major tournaments worldwide. There are Lacs of winnings for you if not more which you can withdraw anytime very smoothly. And since it is an Indian fantasy basketball app, you also have the option to play in Hindi.

So what are you waiting for? Play the best fantasy basketball league in India. Download the fantasy basketball app and get ready to win exciting cash prizes.


  • How to play fantasy basketball game?

    Playing the fantasy basketball game with MyTeam11 is very easy. Just follow these simple steps:

    Step 1: Login to your MyTeam11 account.
    Step 2: Select Basketball from the Sports menu on the home screen.
    Step 3: Choose your favourite match & contest.
    Step 4: Select your team of 8 players and captain & vice-captain wisely.
    Step 5: Join the contest & watch your team score points.
    Step 6: Win great rewards for winning.
    Step 7: Want to dive into more details about playing & winning on MyTeam11 then visit "How to play fantasy basketball"

  • What is fantasy basketball Points System?

    The fantasy basketball Points System is a scoring system where you get a number of predefined points for each move your players do in the real match. In basketball, your player gets points for each rebound, assist, steal, block and basket scored. To know more about the fantasy basketball Points System on MyTeam11, click here

  • How to win fantasy basketball league?

    To win a fantasy basketball league, you must keep in mind the following strategies.

    Step 1: Select the best performing players from both the teams.
    Step 2: Choose the center, power forward, small forward, shooting guard and point guard players carefully.
    Step 3: Choose your caption & vice-captain wisely.
    Step 4: Play multiple teams made with different strategies.
    Step 5: Follow latest news, player performances & team strategies closely.

Latest Fantasy Basketball News

Catch the latest match updates, team news, injuries, replacements and fantasy basketball match prediction all at one place. Follow MyTeam11 blog for all the latest related stuff.


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