MyTeam11 quiz is a question and answer contest organized on MyTeam11 mobile application. On an everyday basis, there will be multiple contests organized on platforms.

There will be a total of 10 questions in each of the quiz contest that will be organized on the MyTeam11 platform. For each correct answer, the user will be awarded 10 points. For instance, if a user answers 8 questions correct, his/her final score will be 80 points. However, his/her final rank will be decided based on how much time he/she took to answer all questions.

In order to register for the quiz contest, it is mandatory that you are an Indian citizen with at least 18-years of age, having a MyTeam11 account.

In case you don’t have a MyTeam11 account, you can download the app, and sign-up with the platform by filling out a short form.

There will be different types of question asked during the quiz contest, and they shall differ for each round. However, the questions will be based on the sports industry and a bit of fantasy sports.

To play the quiz contest offered by MyTeam11 on its platform, you need to follow the below steps:

  • Download the MyTeam11 application and register with the platform.
  • Log-in to your MyTeam11 account and select the quiz league you would like to join. You can choose from different types of contests based on entry fee amount, winning amount, number of participants etc.
  • After choosing your contest, pay the pre-defined entry fee amount and start playing the quiz by answering the question shown on your mobile screens.

In an event, you lose your internet connectivity mid-way or get a call on your mobile device, the game will neither pause, nor you will be eliminated from the game. However, the timer for answering each question of the quiz shall continue to run, and you will lose the time and will not be allowed to participate in quiz further.

In any such case, MyTeam11 shall not be responsible. Further, if a user for some known/ unknown reason decides to quit the application in-between or gets disconnected due to internet connectivity, then user will not be allowed to join back the ongoing contest. Their rank will be calculated based on total attempted questions up to that given point of time.

In case you exit or close the app intentionally of by mistake during a quiz round, then, you shall be eliminated from the contest, and no entry fee refunds shall be made.

In any such case, MyTeam11 shall not be responsible.

If you accidentally lock your phone while participating in a quiz contest but stay on the application, then, the game shall resume from the exact points. However, the timer shall continue to run.

In any such case, MyTeam11 shall not be responsible.

The quiz contest on MyTeam11 are offered on a play-to-play basis wherein the participants are required to pay a pre-defined amount as entry fee for joining a contest round. Any user winning the game shall win a pre-defined amount on the basis of its rank as a part of winnings.

The winners of a contest are chosen on the basis of the number of right answers given and the time taken. Any individual with the highest number of right answers in the minimum time duration shall be announced as the winner for the contest round.

For Instance: If a contest is carrying 10 questions and 2 users end up answering all 10 questions correctly, then it will come down to who took less seconds.

Say, User 1 took 100 seconds to answer all 10 questions and User 2 took 110 seconds to answer all 10 questions correctly then User 1 will be ranked higher than User 2.

Similarly, if a user (User 3) answers 9 questions correctly, then time accumulated in answering those questions will be taken into account and will accordingly be given rank on leader board.

In this case, User 1 will rank 1 for answering all 10 questions correctly in least time, User 2 will rank 2 for answering all questions correctly, User 3 will rank 3, and so on so forth.

Following table will help you to understand better;

User NameTotal QuestionsCorrect AnswersWrong/Non-attempted AnswersTotal Time Taken (In Seconds)PointsRank
User 110100801001
User 210100851002
User 3109193903
User 4108295804

Each contest round has a pre-defined number of winners. You can know if a contest has a single winner or more than one winner by selecting the contest and clicking on the Winners option on the contest selection screen along with the winnings for each rank.

In case there’s a tie between two users for a rank in terms of right questions answered and the time taken, then the prize money for the particular rank & the immediate next rank shall be added & divided equally between the tied users.

For instance, theirs is a tie between two players for Rank 2, then the prize money for Rank 2 & Rank 3 shall be added, and divided equally between them. Meanwhile, the next winner shall get prize money for Rank 4.