MyTeam11 Quiz Rules

The MyTeam11 quiz is a contest offering by MyTeam11 Fantasy Sports Private Limited. The contest is not sponsored and claims no association with any sports league or tournament. The individuals participating in the MyTeam11 Quiz Contest offered on the MyTeam11 app & web, shall be bound by the following rules.


Any user below the age 18-year-old shall not be allowed to participate in the Quiz Contest organized by MyTeam11. The authorities of MyTeam11 at its sole & absolute discretion can verify the age of participants.

Employees, agents, owners, licensors, associates are not allowed to participate in the quiz contest organized by MyTeam11.

People of Nagaland, Sikkim, Odisha, Telangana and Assam are not allowed to participate in the contest as per Judicial guidelines of these states.

Contest Types & Details

The quiz will be organized on an everyday basis with multiple contests being played on each day.

Each of the quiz contest will have 10 questions related to various sports and fantasy sports to be answered.

The users will be given 15 seconds to answer each question during a round.

The users will not be allowed to skip any question during the contest. However, there will be no negative marking for any wrong answer.

The individual who will give the maximum right answers in the minimum time will be declared as the winner for the quiz round and shall be eligible for the prize.

For Instance: If a contest is carrying 10 questions and 2 users end up answering all 10 questions correctly, then it will come down to who took less seconds.

Say, User 1 took 80 seconds to answer all 10 questions and User 2 took 85 seconds to answer all 10 questions correctly then User 1 will be ranked higher than User 2.

Similarly, if a user (User 3) answers 9 questions correctly, then time accumulated in attempting all questions will be considered and will accordingly be given rank on leader board. The total time in answering the questions will eventually decide final rank of user.

In this case, User 1 will rank 1 for answering all 10 questions correctly in least time, User 2 will rank 2 for answering all questions correctly, User 3 will rank 3, and so on so forth.

Following table will help in understanding the structure better:

User NameTotal QuestionsCorrect AnswersWrong/Non-attempted AnswersTotal Time Taken (In Seconds)PointsRank
User 110100801001
User 210100851002
User 3109193903
User 4108295804

How to Participate in the Quiz

In order to participate in the quiz round the user needs to have a MyTeam11 account. You can download the MyTeam11 app for both Android & iOS, or use the web version.

Login or register with the MyTeam11 platform by filling in all the mandatory details like Name, email address, Mobile Number, State of Residence and Date of Birth.

Open the MyTeam11 app and join the available quiz contest as per your preference.

Start by answering the questions correctly and wait for the contest to end to know the result.

In order to participate in a quiz contest round, the user shall be liable to pay a pre-defined entry fee amount that will be deducted from the user’s MyTeam11 Wallet.


Everyone entering the contest shall be subjected to winning in case he/she gives the maximum right answers in the minimum time duration.

The number of right answers given, and the time taken, shall be calculated at the end of the quiz, and the winners shall be announced.

In case there’s a tie between two users for a rank in terms of right questions answered and the time taken, then the prize money for that rank and the immediate next rank shall be added & divided equally between the tied users.

For instance, there is a tie between two players for Rank 2, then the prize money for Rank 2 & Rank 3 shall be added, and divided equally between them. Meanwhile, the next winner shall get prize money for Rank 4.

The winning individual will be given a pre-defined prize money based on the rank achieved. The winning amount shall be credited to the Winnings section of the user’s MyTeam11 Wallet.

The winnings are liable to taxes, and any winning amount of the user shall be credited only after the deduction of all the accompanying taxes.

Any single winning of more than ₹10,000 is subject to TDS deduction under the Indian Income Tax Act of 1961. Thus, a tax deduction of 30% shall be implied on winnings more than ₹10,000.

General Conditions

The quiz contest on MyTeam11 shall be governed by Fair Play practices of the platform. Thus, no user is allowed to operate multiple accounts in order to avail the benefit of the contest.

Any Fair Play violation, if found by the authorities of MyTeam11, shall lead to Account Seize or termination of services for the user.

The detailed Fair Play Policy and Fair Play Violation can be found on the official website of MyTeam11.

The winners will be communicated about their winnings through email or other communication means.

The participation in quiz contest of the platform is only open to the residents of India who are in age 18 or above. Any individual living beyond the national boundaries of India is not allowed to participate.

It is important for all the users participating in the quiz contest organized on the platform to make sure that their participation complies with the Judicial laws of their state.

Further, if a user for some known/ unknown reason decides to quit the application in-between or gets disconnected due to internet connectivity, then user will not be allowed to join back the ongoing contest. Their rank will be calculated based on total attempted questions upto that given point of time.

Any participant or individual can be eliminated or restricted from participating in the contest at the sole and absolute discretion of the platform authorities. In such a case, the individual accepts not to hold MyTeam11 for any sort of loss.

Real-time Quiz Rules

  • The users will be given 8 seconds to answer each of the question shown in descending order.
  • The points will be awarded as the number of seconds remaining to answer each question.
  • In case both the users playing the quiz have same points, then, the prize money will be distributed equally between them.