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fantasy points system

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Here’s how your team earns points


Score More with your Captain. The player selected as your Team’s Captain is awarded 2x points for his part on the field.

vice captain

The player selected as your Team’s Vice- Captain will be awarded 1.5x points for his on-field performance.

Type of pointsODI
Playing 11+2
Boundary Bonus+0.5
Six Bonus+1
Half-century Bonus+2
Century Bonus+4
Type of pointsODI
Wicket Excluding Run Out+22
3 wickets haul Bonus+2
4 wickets haul Bonus+4
5 wickets haul Bonus+8
Maiden over+2
Type of pointsODI
Type of pointsODI
Applicable for players bowling minimum overs5 Overs
Below 2.5 runs per over+3
Between 2.50-3.49 runs per over+2
Between 3.50-4.50 runs per over+1
Between 7-8 runs per over-1
Between 8.1-9 runs per over-2
Above 9 runs per over-3
Type of pointsODI
Applicable for players batting minimum balls20 Balls
Between 50-60 runs per 100 balls-1
Between 40-49.9 runs per 100 balls-2
Below 40 runs per 100 balls-3
  • Wicket (excluding run-out) includes stumped, bowled, caught out, and hit wicket. In case of a Run-out the points for the wicket are given to the person who throws the ball. However, in a case where the batsman is stumped the points are awarded to the wicket keeper and the bowler is awarded points for a wicket.

  • The economy rate in case of T20 is counted in 2nd over, in case of ODI in 5th over, not counted in case of Test Match & right from the first ball in case of T10.

  • The captain and vice-captain you choose to lead your team are awarded 2x and 1.5x points of the original total they score. However, in case of the deductions, the points of your captain are deducted as 2x only. The same is applicable in case of vice-captain.

  • In case a substitute replaces any on-field player in any circumstance, then the substitute will not be awarded any points for his/her part on the field.

  • In case any on-field player is transferred amid the middle of the series or game or already scheduled update then such change shall not be reflected in the MyTeam11 roster immediately. The change might be reflected from the next scheduled update. The player will be available for selection on MyTeam11 amid the change made between the game or already scheduled update, but the player will not be awarded any points in MyTeam11.

  • The points for Economy Rate will be awarded to all the players but in case of deductions, the points for negative economy rate will be deducted only for all-rounders and bowlers. Additionally, the Strike rate is applicable on all other players apart from the bowlers playing in the team.

  • MyTeam11 uses various reliable sources for collecting data to ease point tabulation, and once a match has been marked as completed, the points are allotted, the winners are declared, and the prizes are distributed, no further adjustments will be made. However, until the status of the game is not shown as completed and is shown to be “In Process,” the points are subject to change.

  • For the batsman economy rate will count only in positive, negative economy rate will not consider for the batsman.

For Warm-Up Matches:

  • MyTeam11 allows a total of over 11 players form either side of the competing duo to participate in the game

  • No points for being included in the playing team or being called on the field to play will be awarded. The only points that will be given will be based on the scores made during the play on the field.

  • The players will not be given any points for being included in the Starting 11 in Warm-up match formats.

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